The management mentality of Kompozit Kimya Inc. Co. is based on the awareness of the protection of the health and safety of its employees, the prevention of environmental impacts in line with its responsibility to the society and the quality and efficient production is the basis of customer satisfaction. Within this scope; to establish, operate and maintain the Integrated Management System is the common responsibility of everyone working at Kompozit Kimya Inc. Co.

In accordance with;

  • Complying with legal requirements, customer stipulations and demands regarding our products,
  • Complying with occupational health and safety, legislations and other conditions about environment and the standards of Integrated Management System, and leading the sector improving our practices continuously,
  • Constantly keeping quality, environment and occupational safety awareness of our employees high,
  • Eliminating the dangers which may affect the health of employees with the principle that work accidents and occupational diseases are preventable, assessing and evaluating the risk and establishing and operating control systems to minimize its effects, where this is not possible,
  • Ensuring the use of energy and natural resources efficiently,
  • Starting from design, determining and evaluating the factors that may cause environmental pollution at every stage of production, establishing and operating control systems for preventing or minimizing their effects and informing users about the products,
  • Preventing scrap and wastes arising from the production process by controlling them at their production phase, keeping them to a minimum level in cases that cannot be prevented and ensuring that they are reused through recycling and disposing of the non-recyclable in accordance with the law,
  • Being prepared to prevent the emergency situations, to minimize the risks and effects of these situations and to inform the relevant people by defining effective communication ways,
  • To determine the activities for the development of the OHS management system, to evaluate its performance, to ensure the participation and consultation of all our employees for the implementation and development of the OHS management system,
  • Raising the awareness of everyone with whom we interact from our suppliers, customers and visitors to our trainees within the scope of the Integrated Management System, and encouraging them to comply with the laws and the principles and processes of the Integrated Management System of Kompozit Kimya Inc. Co.