From the year 1965 to the present, Erdem Holding Company, established under the umbrella of Zeynel Abidin Erdem in order to gather companies operating in the import and marketing of various industrial and commercial products under one roof, which has been operating in the field marketing, telecommunications, chemicals, energy, construction and building materials, insurance, transportation, tourism and social services is one of the leading companies in Turkey.

ERDEM HOLDING COMPANY, which GENPA, starting its commercial activities in 1978 and has significantly been contributing to the GSM sector in Turkey since 1993 formed its core, has been operating with 17 companies and one foundation (Erdem Foundation) since 2007. It has been achieving a rapid growth in parallel with the dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial process that Turkey's economy has catch up with in recent years.

Let's take a brief look at Erdem Group companies:

  • GENPA - GENPA Telecommunication and Communication Services Industry Trade Inc. Co.

With 1600 contracted dealers all spreading throughout Turkey, retail stores and over 4000 sub-dealers GENPA, which operates as a distributor leader in mobile phones and wireless communications of Turkey, is proud of being the fifth largest IT Company of Turkey (It is in the first rank in the sale of mobile phone devices and equipment).

  • AGDAŞ - Adapazarı Gas Distribution Inc. Co.

It is the first natural gas distribution company belonging to private sector in Turkey. The company was bought by Erdem Holding in 2003 and has had the licence by EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) for 30 years.

As of 2008, construction of various lengths and types of pipelines with a length of approximately 850 km was completed. Hence, 45% of the residential areas were taken into the service area. As the city grows, it is estimated that the total pipeline length will exceed 3000 km with a cost of $ 150 million.

  • YTY - Yeni Teknik Yapı Construction Contracting Industry Trade Inc. Co.

Yeni Teknik Yapı was established in 1995. It has achieved significant success and competitive power today by combining the dynamism of a young organization with its experienced human resources, high technology and modern management systems. In today's competitive environment, Yeni Teknik Yapı adopts the approach that companies, in which the creation and delivery of services are supported by a corporate structure, are accepted and preferred by customers as reliable partners in the long-term, and it manages its resources in accordance with this understanding.

  • Nezih Ticaret Inc. Co.

Nezih Ticaret Inc. Co. is an organization contributing to the efforts to protect the environment and economy of Turkey by providing recycling of the wastes to the second usage through the purchase and sale activities of production wastes of large industrial enterprises and the conversion of industrial wastes.

It is also an organization providing support to organizations with occupational safety and environment-trained personnel through contracting services, in addition to being an organization that contributes to environmental protection efforts, which ensure the recovery of production wastes to the economy.

  • Dorken Sistem Inc. Co.

Dorken Sistem Inc. Co. was established as of April 2005, as a result of joint enterprising act signed by The German Company Dörken GmbH & Co. KG KG, the leading German company in the production of building materials in Europe, and Erdem Holding on 4 February 2005.

Dorken Sistem Inc. Co. started its operations by offering waterproofing and drainage systems for roofs, facades and foundations produced by Dörken under the brand “Delta” brand to the market in Turkey. As of 2006, Dorken System, which started to produce “drainage plates for foundation walls” under the “Delta” brand mark of Dorken at its factory in Izmit, Kocaeli, improves its production network through investments.

  • Anadolu Asya Avrupa (AAA) / Anatolia Asia Europe

It was established to serve in the fields of foreign trade in 1998. The core business of AAA is to trade of petroleum products.

  • Erdem Sigorta / Erdem Insurance

Erdem Sigorta, which is a company completely belonging to Erdem Group, provides all services in every field of insurance in Turkey, and it creates additional business areas itself by appointing Genpa dealers as agents.

  • Nezih Sosyal Hizmetler Tekstil İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Co. / Nezih Social Services Textile Construction Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti.

Nezih Social Services was established to provide all kinds of cleaning, maintenance, repair and contracting services both in Turkey and abroad in 19 Dec 2000. The company also operates in the areas of renting, leasing, trading, import and export.

  • Electromechanical Building Materials Construction Manufacturing Industry and Trade Inc. Co.

As Electromechanical Inc. we provide 24 hour maintenance services for;

Tow trucks,
Platform trucks,
Hand tractors,
Tools such as hydraulic pallet trucks,
Instant fault repair,
Daily failure repair,
Periodic maintenance.