As Kompozit Kimya ve Elektromekanik Malzeme Sanayi ve Ticaret Aş.; we attach great importance to the processing and storage of your personal data in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on Personal Data Protection. Therefore; for what purpose, scope and legal limits of your personal data are processed, as the “Data Officer” defined in PDPL, has been explained below.

Detailed information about the processing of your personal data (http://kompozitkimya.com.tr/gizlilik-politikasi/ ) ; is provided in the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy of Kompozit Kimya ve Elektromekanik Malzeme Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

1 - The Identity of Our Company's as “Data Officer”::

In terms of your personal data, “Data Officer”; is Kompozit Kimya ve Elektromekanik Malz. San. ve Tic. A.Ş., registered at Istanbul Trade Registry under the registration number 511136 - 458718, the head office of the company is numbered 0771003424100010, located at Etiler Qtr. Nispetiye Str. No: 101 Beşiktaş / İstanbul.

2 - Purposes of Our Company in Processing of Your Personal Data, Data Collection Method, and Legal Reason Thereof:

Your personal data are determined as being varied in accordance with the services provided, and commercial operations carried on by our company, and are processed by an up-to-date manner.

  • It is required to have personal data undergo procession electronically by automatic/non-automatic manners either via any and all websites of ours (including www.kompozitkimya.com.tr), or via the cookies (“Cookies”) maintaining the communication with your devices on the Websites,
  • in writing, verbally, or electronically by automatic/non-automatic manners via the correspondences being carried on via our e-mail addresses (“veri@kompozitkimya.com.tr”), via any and all of the means of communication, including the short messages (“SMS”), or multimedia messages (“MMS”) being sent to Kompozit Kimya ve Elektromekanik Malz. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. for any reason whatsoever,
  • verbally or electronically by automatic/non-automatic manners by the mediation of third parties, including the group companies, business partners, producer companies, or those from which it supplies products/services,

For the purposes of making it possible to benefit from the Company’s service, maintaining legal and commercial security, protecting the commercial trust created, determining the business strategies, and carrying on the human resources policies. Personal data collected may be processed by our company on the condition to abide by the personal data processing conditions stipulated under Art. 5 and 6 of PDPL, and by the main principles prescribed by the said law as well.

3 - Period for Processing Your Personal Data by Our Company

The personal data you have shared with Kompozit Kimya ve Elektromekanik Malz. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. by means of the channels referred to in the disclosure text may be processed in compliance with the legislation in respect of the personal data protection (being the PDPL in particular), and with the periods mandated under other respective legislations as well.

4 - People to Whom, and Purposes for Which Personal Data can be Transferred by Our Company:

We, as Kompozit Kimya ve Elektromekanik Malz. San. ve Tic. A.Ş., may transfer your personal data to third parties, or abroad within the frame of PDPL, and such other legislations, and of the purposes stipulated hereunder, in order to cause the business operations carried out by our Company in compliance with the respective legislation, and with the respective company policies, the human resources activities designed, planned, and performed, to maintain the commercial and legal safety of the Company, and that of the real persons in business relations with the Company, and to maintain and protect the commercial reputation of the Company;

Your Personal Data:

Provided that the purposes stipulated under Art. 5.2 and 6.3 of PDPL exist, your personal data may further be transferred to the third parties, from which we procure support in the fields of storage, archiving, IT support (server, hosting, program, cloud informatics), security, call-center, etc., Group Companies, Business partners, supplier companies, banks, finance institutions, etc. we cooperate with, and/or from which we procure services, consultancy companies, from which support is procured in the fields of law, tax, etc., and to the other associated parties, as well as to the authorized institutions and organizations as well, to which such transfer is necessary due to the respectively determined reasons, which are domiciled abroad, including but not limited to those in EU countries, USA, UK, OECD countries, India, China, and Russia.

Pursuant to your explicit consent regarding the respectively determined purposes, your personal data may further be transferred within the frame of the Art. 5.1 and 6.3 of PDPL to the marketing companies, Group Companies, third-party service companies providing marketing support, advertisement companies (for the purposes of sending e-mails, creating campaigns), and to the companies providing CRM support, which are domiciled both at home, and abroad, including but not limited to those in EU countries, USA, UK, OECD countries, India, China, and Russia.

5 - Rights Entitled to the Personal Data Subject under Art. 11 of PDPL:

Data subjects, whose personal data are processed, are entitled with certain rights within the frame of PDPL. We hereby remind the data subjects, personal data of whom are processed by us, of these rights. After you shall submit our company your claims regarding such rights of yours, our company is to resolve your claim free of charge (unless there is any fee charged respectively by the Personal Data Protection Board) in no later than 30 days thereafter.

Rights of the Personal Data Owner within the scope of PDPL:

  • To find out whether their personal data has been processed,
  • To request respective information if their personal data have been processed,
  • To find out the reason for processing of their personal data and whether this has been used properly for that purpose,
  • To be informed of the domestic or international third parties to which the personal data has been transferred,
  • To request the correction of personal data that has been processed insufficiently or incorrectly.
  • To demand the deletion or destruction of the personal data upon the cease of the grounds on which they are processed in consideration of the principles of purpose, period, and legitimacy;
  • To request that the third parties to whom personal data have been transferred be notified of the actions regarding the correction, deletion or destruction of personal data,
  • To object to an adverse result following the analysis of the processed data by automatic systems exclusively; and
  • To demand indemnification of loss if they suffer loss due to the illegal procession of their personal data.

You may submit to our company your claims to exercise your rights reserved within the frame of PDPL by the manners (respectively determined by the Personal Data Protection Board). The channels via which you may submit to our company such claims of yours in writing may be accessed by means of the APPLICATION FORM (http://kompozitkimya.com.tr/dosya/kk-basvuru.docx).